5 Insights From My Past Life Training

Last week I took a Past Life Regression Training.

Now I don’t know if you believe in reincarnation, but I always found the subject of what happens after we die and past lives fascinating.

Besides giving me another tool to help people understand themselves better and let go of pain, the training helped me to realize (again) how important it is to make use of every second of our lives.

Even though we are living many times, everything we do has a lasting effect (Karma always finds us) that leaves a mark for the next life.

The training lasted for 5 days, and I would like to share with you one insight that I had from each day of the course (it is a bit long but I think it is worth it)


Day 1- We choose our lives- Yes, even the difficult aspects!

 It is a complex concept to digest at times (especially in difficult life), but our soul chooses the lessons and the main development work it wants to do in this life. 

And in according to that we are born with a certain body, to a specific family, culture and so on… Something to remember next time you complain about your parents.


Day 2- We can grow from happy events just as much as we can from difficult events. 

We don’t have to go through pain, trauma, and suffering in order to grow, learn and get some skills. 

I visited a life where I was a farm girl moving to the city, building a family, and becoming a teacher. Everything in this life went relatively smoothly—a pretty boring life. 

But this life gave me so much power and was the foundation for the life I live right now. It gave me the courage to go against the stream and have the teaching skills I have today. So yes, we can also grow from the happy and even boring events in our lives. 

And by the way- Kobi, my husband was also my husband in this life- apparently, he has been following me for a while.


Day 3- People play a significate part in our growth through multiple lives.

We all have a soul group. 

A bunch of souls that are going with us from life to life and helping us (and we help them) grow. 

We can say we have a soul community we chose to be part of. 

Someone of them will appear in our lives as friends and loved ones, while others will be our nemesis. And yes, we are the ones who ask them to be that. So being kind to people is important as you will see them again!


Day 4- There is always a reason, even if we can’t see it!

On this day, I explored a horrible past life as a hard-working, extremely poor farmer with a wife who hated him and screamed at him constantly until leaving him. 

This whole life was full of feelings of despair and helplessness. I reached a point of asking myself, what is this life good for? Why should I have gone through such miserable life? 

As I was asking, answers started to flow. 

This life came to help me understand suffering so I can be a better healer. It is also taught me how to deal with difficult people, not to take things to heart, and let go of things that are out of my control (still working on this one, though). 

So we don’t always see why things are happening to us. But the reason is always there. 

And by the way, in this life, Kobi was my son (didn’t I say he is following me everywhere).


Day 5- We have free will.

Nothing is set in stone. We can change everything at any moment. 

Free will is our gift. We can always choose how we behave, react and how much to change. 

It is up to us to break free from our karma, and we can do that every moment. We can re-choose every moment what kind of person we want to be!


I ended the training with lots to think about, and many questions left unanswered, but with a great feeling that I’m so lucky to be alive!

Above all, I was reminded of what a great adventure life is! Experiences are always happening, and we have so many opportunities to explore, develop, and do good in the world. It is a beautiful life! 

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