Awakening to Health and Joy

Online Self- Paced Course

Meet the unique possibility of human health as it is naturally meant to be!

Special November Offer: €39 (Instead of €150)

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Create balance in your life! Adopt a healthier lifestyle, restoring harmony within.

In today’s busy world, we often lose touch with our well-being, not living in a way that honors our mind and body’s natural states, leading to negative emotions, thoughts, and depleting actions.

This online self- paced course invites you to appreciate the wisdom inherent in the body and create the conditions to live in alignment with your true nature. Meet the unique possibility of human health as it is naturally meant to be.

The course provides practical ways to get yourself back into balance and health through 5 significant keys:
Nutrition and Detoxification

Exercise and Movement

Mindful Mindset

Relaxation and Sleep

Embracing Joy and Happiness

Explore the knowledge of many ancient traditions as well as outstanding teachers in the field of health: Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. John Tilden, Dr. Douglas Graham, Mantak Chia, Rabbi Sasharov, Bruce Littman, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Prashant Iyengar and many more.

Through easy-to-understand theory, deep practices, and simple techniques, you’ll effortlessly incorporate these principles into your daily life, Giving yourself the gift of a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

Special November Offer: Grab it now for just €39 (down from €150!)

Master your health and adopt a healthy lifestyle
with our online self-paced course!

Live fully in alignment with your true nature.

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Kobi and Pazit have spent the better part of two decades studying and practicing spiritual traditions under world-renowned teachers around the globe, including extensive experience in the yogic traditions, Buddhist meditative traditions of Tibet, and ancient philosophies like Kabbalah, Taoism and non-dualism.

In this course, Kobi and Pazit have taken the wisdom from eastern health traditions and combined it with modern western science to guide students through a practical journey into health.

Kobi and Pazit has offered holistic health and detox programming while teaching throughout Europe and Asia, and hosted at their retreat thousands of students from across the world since 2011.

Special November Offer

Grab it now for just €39, down from €150!

Master your health and gain access to the tools you need to expand your spiritual journey