Awakening Your Energy

Online Retreat January 16-17, 2021

Did you ever feel like you are spinning on a hamster wheel, being exhausted and fatigued?

We hear it all the time. People are so drained from the pressures of modern life that they are unable to dedicate energy to the passions, practices, and people they care about most.

Having little motivation, their relationships, joys, and spiritual wishes are put off to the side as they struggle to meet daily responsibilities. Sadly, living out of balance with low energy is the new normal. But it is no way to spend your life.

The pressure of modern life is not going to be reduced so we need to find a new source of power within ourselves, we need to Awaken our energy!

Working with energy is an art, a science, and a practice we can cultivate.

In this retreat, we will be working with our energy centers, our chakras, to learn to better understand and utilize our energy. Each chakra has a psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual level to be understood, but here we will focus on the specific dimensions of the chakras that help us evolve and build inner resilience in a very practical way.

It is a solutions-oriented retreat – how can we recognize imbalances and how can we bring ourselves back into balance.

Being able to harness the power of your own energy is the difference between you managing your life or life managing you. Our energy is the lifeblood that allows us to live in alignment with our most authentic self and live a life full of passion.

The retreat will be four hours each day (see schedule below) of lecture, sharing, breakout groups, and practices. There will also be a number of exercises to do outside of those meeting times.


Become a fully energetic human being

  • Start the New Year with high energy and renewed motivation.
  • Have the energy to do things you really want and not just work or duties
  • Learn to recognize imbalances in your energy and how to bring it back into harmony
  • Build your inner resilience and vitality.
  • Connect with an international community of like-minded people.

Special Offer:

Come with a friend and get 2 tickets for the price of one!


Meet Kobi
& Pazit

Our journey began as a young couple who simply wanted to make a difference in the world. At the time we were working with at-risk youth and people suffering from mental illness, and we felt again and again the weight of human suffering and knew there was so much we had to learn to help people in the best way we could. So we left our jobs, our families, and our homes to traverse the globe in search of the wisdom of the great spiritual teachers and traditions.

We founded Vagabond Temple after several years of travelling internationally and teaching spirituality together.

Our intention is to provide a welcoming space for people to be themselves, experience a journey inward and grow, to inspire people to make change in their life, fulfil their highest potential and develop meaningful, happy and mindful lifestyle.

Start 2021 with high energy!