Embark on a 12-month journey to unlock your inner power and live a healthier, passionate, purposeful life.

Join Kobi, Pazit, and the VT community for a year of profound insights, dive deep into the realm of pure energy and vitality and start living a life that excites you.

Embark on a 12-month journey to unlock your inner power and live a healthier, passionate, purposeful life.

Join Kobi, Pazit, and the VT community for a year of profound insights, dive deep into the realm of pure energy and vitality and start living a life that excites you.

Program starts on November 24, 2020

Don’t wait for the world to open up. Connect with positive people from all over the world today.

Get direct access to professional teachers and coaches for any questions and challenges that may arise.

Live life with intention, energy, joy, and creativity. Live a life that excites you.

Live with clarity and focus. Increase your positive thinking. Make your mind, your best friend.

Heal the past. Let go of fear, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration. Gain confidence, self love, and appreciation. Choose to be happy.

Meet Kobi & Pazit

Since a young age, we have been working with at-risk youth and people suffering from mental illness. 

After experiencing the pain that life holds,  we left our jobs, our families, and our homes to traverse the globe in search of the wisdom of the great spiritual teachers and traditions. 

We took all the knowledge and experience we gained and created a method for a healthy, happy way of living, relying on ancient wisdom but at the same time suitable to modern life. 

We have been studying and practicing with world-renowned teachers in our fields.

Our knowledge is not only theoretical and academic but also experiential. We have attended numerous yoga programs, Buddhist retreats, healing trainings, and one on one mentoring. 

We have learned intensively and still are, from the great leaders of our time, including Prashant Iyengar, Richard Freeman, Tanzin Palmo, Alan Wallace, Mantak Chia, Torsten Lang, William Lee Rand, Johanatan Goldman and Silvia Nakkach, to name a few. 

We founded Vagabond Temple in 2011 as a safe and welcoming community for people to be themselves, experience a journey inward, and grow. 

For more than nine years, we inspired thousands of people to make changes in their lives, fulfil their highest potential and develop meaningful lifestyles.

How this program will help you transform


Truly the greatest, most important and life changing experience of my life. The most welcoming community with wonderful people.
Suitable for everyone. Vagabond Temple has given me a box of tools that I use daily.
There are no words to describe the true gratitude I have for Kobi and Pazit and all the beautiful practices that make your experience so perfect.

ALINE M | Germany

Commit to investing in yourself now!

This program comes in challenging times; the world is changing. Step up and become the creator of your life, no matter what.

Do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck. Use the ancient wisdom and practices to meet the needs of 2020 and beyond.

Have meaningful experiences and deep connections.
Become the best version of yourself!

When we ask people what’s stopping them from living the life they want, here is what they say as their greatest challenges:

BUT it doesn’t have to be like that. We can offer you a solution through our daily, weekly, and monthly routine based on a knowledge that has been crafted over a thousand of years.

Here is the method

We believe that to live to our full potential, we need to take care of all the aspects of our being. Our teaching is focused on giving you different tools in 5 main areas of living:

The community member program will teach you this method step by step to keep your progress no matter what else is going on in the world.

All you need is to show up! Commit to the learning experience of this program!

Regular Price:  $1,097 

Join Now! Super early bird price ends soon!

for Just $597

What You Get?

Twice a month group coaching sessions 

 keep your momentum and ongoing development (recording will be available for those who can’t attend)

One-year access to our ever-growing video library 

 yoga classes, meditations, breathing exercises, spiritual talks, and more led by Kobi, Pazit, and other teachers


Access to our private Facebook group 

where you will get additional exclusive content.

Access to a private WhatsApp group 

 connect with other community members, share your experiences, find and give support, and get daily inspiration and motivation

Ongoing caring guidance from Kobi and Pazit

who you can reach out to directly with questions.


Kobi and Pazit are truly gifted healers. The Vagabond is so much more than yoga, and they incorporate philosophy, meditation, nutrition, self-reflection and so much more to give you all the tools you need to heal and to live. They have created their own, unique holistic healing system. I did life coaching sessions with both Kobi and Pazit, and found it to be critical for my healing journey. Thank you so much Vagabond Temple for all that you do.

SAM L | United Kingdom

To recap, here are a few reasons to consider the Community member program.

Start immediately

Don’t wait for the world to come back to normal. Start your development now!

Get out of isolation

 Meet new friends, and be a part of a supportive, accepting community.

Raise your vibration 

 Take advantage of our library of practices and knowledge and live life fully.

Invest in yourself

Take action for your well being. Put your health and self- development at the top of your priorities.

Extra group
coaching sessions

For the first three months we will have extra group coaching (so we will meet every week!)​
$ 449 Value
  • Get on the path
  • Create your goals
  • Get motivated
  • Be focused and consistent with what you want
  • Get all the tools, strategies and insights you need
  • Don’t just “survive” during the Pandemic winter time but also thrive.

20% discount
on our online courses

Get a discount on all online courses offered by the Vagabond Temple in the years 2020-2021
$ 600 Value
  • Women empowerment
  • Men’s health
  • Detox program
  • Reiki training
  • Meditation course
  • Your life vision course
  • And more….

15% discount
on our next live retreat

Once traveling will be possible we invite you to join our retreat at a discounted price
$ 299 Value
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Dharma talks
  • Dancing and hugs
  • International community
  • Delicious meals
  • Accommodation
  • Immerse in nature
I found the teachings at Vagabond Temple to be deep and immersive, what I especially liked is that the ideologies and teachings come from different schools of thought

MICHAELA | Member of Online Community


A year of mindfulness, heartfulness, and bliss

Regular Price:  $1,097 

Join Now! Super early bird price ends soon!

for Just $597

We stand by our program and our students. That’s why a 30-day satisfaction guarantee backs the community member program. If you’re not satisfied with the program in any way in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase. It’s as easy as that.