Evolutionary Astrology Reading


From the exact time of your birth, the universe alignment tells a story about who you are and the evolutionary potential of who you can become.

Whether you are in need of direction, want some insights into challenges you are facing, or looking to understand yourself better, your reading will be an enlightening and healing experience.

The evolutionary reading will help you reveal your core potentialities or forces within yourself and then to apply them to questions you may have.

It will also help you understand opportunities for transformation and growth. And how to use your inherited dynamics for your current needs and future evolution.

This form of astrology is not a future telling like many commercialized forms of astrology. This is a collaboration where you and Kobi will work to truly understand who you are and your next steps on your journey. It is an evolutionary astrology. A process of learning to work with your gifts, meet your challenges and develop your awareness to take positive steps in your life to evolve into who you are.

First session $100