Family Constellation

family constellation
Are you seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns, attempting to resolve family entanglements, Or want to overcome inner turmoil?

Every one of us has a deep connection to our family, and we each take a certain role in the family dynamic, which influences who we are.

Family constellation is a healing method that reveals unrecognized emotions, behavior, traumas and more that were passed down to us through our parents or even through multiple generations.

This process will help you reveal the hidden dynamics and subconscious patterns in your family that affect who you are today. We cannot understand our own lives and their trajectory without understanding our family and the way we were brought up.

Recreating the structure (constellation) of the family will help you to accept the reality of your family situation and to let go of any inherited limiting patterns.

This one on one process includes 3 sessions (4 hours)

  • The first session is an intake session to understand the family history and the issues you want to address.
  • The second session is the actual constellation which is a 2 hours process.
  • The third session is a review meeting one week later, for deep reflection and insights.

Your investment: $300

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