Essence Alignment:
Holistic Practices for Daily Life

Free Online Class

Unlock the secrets to holistic vitality and discover practical pathways to nurture your essence!

Just as maintaining a house requires regular care, our bodies, minds, and spirits also thrive when nurtured with attention and intention.

Neglecting any of these aspects can lead to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, stress, emotional instability, and a sense of disconnection from ourselves and others, ultimately diminishing our overall quality of life.

In our free online class, we delve into the five dimensions of human existence, drawing from the Vagabond Temple approach to holistic spirituality. We explore practical tips to nurture each dimension for a fulfilling, healthy life.

Body:  Nourishing our vessel through which we experience life and attain higher levels of awareness.

Energy: Harnessing Life Force for inner power and elevating consciousness. 

Mind: Cultivating Clarity and Focus for a better  perception of ourselves and the world

Heart: Embracing Love and Compassion, unlocking the key to profound connections and emotional well-being.

Purpose: Connecting with Essence, understanding our purpose, and aligning our actions with our essence for a full and meaningful life.

By addressing each dimension of our being – body, energy, mind, heart, and purpose – with care and intention,  we foster a comprehensive sense of wholeness, allowing our essence to shine through.

Join us for insightful exploration and practical tips from the wisdom of yoga and Buddhism to guide your path of holistic spiritual living.


When: March 10, 8 PM India Time

Where: Zoom

How much: Free


A recording will be available if you can’t make it, but please sign up to get it. 

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