Fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce

A simple, fresh recipe to create your very own vegan spring rolls. You can change up the fillings when making this at home, using more of your favourite vegetables, marinating some tofu or even adding mango slices. Included is smooth and creamy asian inspired peanut dipping sauce.


Fresh springrolls (6 people)



12 rice paper

1-2 packs of rice noodles (optional)

2 carrots

1-2 cucumbers (depending on the size)

Fresh lettuce

Fresh cilantro/coriander

Bean sprouts





Wash and cut all veggies.

Cut the cucumbers and carrots into long, thin slices.

Prepare a bowl of clean water.

How to

Place a rice paper in the bowl of water and completely cover it with water.

Soak it for 30 seconds, or until soft. Place it on a smooth, clean surface, like a cutting board.

Prepare your veggies in the middle of the paper, starting with the lettuce, then adding carrot, cucumber, sprouts and fresh cilantro.

Fold one side of the paper tight around the veggies in the middle, fold the edges into the middle as well, and roll all of it together in one smooth movement.

It might take a couple of tries, and you will get you own technique on.


Peanut dipping sauce



Peanut butter

Finely chopped peanuts

Coconut cream

Soy sauce

Palm sugar

Himalayan or sea-salt

Fresh chili

Fresh lime juice

How to

Warm up the peanut butter, palm sugar and coconut cream in a pot.

Let simmer until smooth and cream.

Add salt, chili, lime and soy sauce until the sauce is a nice blend of salty, spicy, sour and sweet.



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