The wisdom of health

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Welcome to our Health Course

We are living in the midst of the great reset. We understand that collectively we have not been living in a way that honors the nature of our mind and body. This course charts a path to understanding and reconnecting to this nature in order to reclaim our natural health. We will learn to appreciate the wisdom inherent in the body and create the conditions for holistic health. Just as a tree needs conditions like rain, sunshine, and fertile soil in order to grow and be fruitful, humans need to meet natural conditions to be healthy.

Holistically, we will explore the four areas of nutrition and detoxification, exercise and movement, relaxation and sleep, and lastly joy and happiness. Specific topics will range from how we eat, how we breathe, how we detox, how we combat stress, how we exercise, how to cultivate gratitude, how to relax, and how we sleep.

This course offers 9 articles, 9 practice videos, and 9 bonus exercises, as well as two bonus booklets: One on Qi Gong and one will be our proprietary Vagabond Temple Detox Manual. These resources will provide practical guidance on how to change your life using this wisdom.

This course provides an in-depth foundation of theory combined with useful practices to gain your holistic health.

It gives you the knowledge for healing practices and opening the path to the wisdom of the body.

Whats Included?

Your Instructor

Kobi Tov has spent the better part of two decades studying and practicing spiritual traditions under world-renowned teachers around the globe, including extensive experience in the yogic traditions, Buddhist meditative traditions of Tibet, and ancient philosophies like Kabbalah, Taoism and non-dualism.

In this course, Kobi has taken the wisdom from eastern health traditions and combined it with modern western science to guide students through a practical journey into approaching our own health.

Kobi has offered holistic health and detox programming while teaching throughout Europe and Asia, most frequently at his retreat center in Cambodia where Kobi and Pazit have hosted thousands of students from across the world since 2013.

Pazit health care Instructor

This course is an invitation rather than a doctrine. It is an invitation to live fully in alignment with our true nature. This is an opportunity for you to experience and explore the best way for you to live. Allow the knowledge shared here to become your own wisdom through your living it. Meet the amazing possibility of human health as it is naturally meant to be.

This course is born from the knowledge of many ancient traditions as well as amazing teachers in the field of health: Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. John Tilden, Dr. Douglas Graham, Mantak Chia, Rabbi Sasharov, Bruce Littman, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Rabbi Sasharov, Prashant Iyengar and many more.

The different sections of this course are like a puzzle that all fit together to create a picture of natural health. It’s not about graduating from nutrition and moving onto exercise, rather the art will be in melding them together into your daily life in a way that suits you. Go through at your own pace and connect the insights you collect from different segments and you will see how deeply interconnected natural health is. In doing this, you can treat the course as a guide to crafting the habits, the routines, and the life you want to lead. We highly encourage you to explore beyond the course; look into the teachers, doctors, or traditions mentioned throughout and read alternative opinions as well if you like. 

The Benefits


Master your health and gain access to the tools you need to expand your spiritual journey