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Due to the current global situation, we don’t have onsite retreats at the moment. But whatever is happening in the outside world, the spiritual path teaches us to turn inwards to find peace and balance.

We offer a variety of opportunities to connect online and keep growing together.

We invite you to check our online teaching, our 3- months program, courses, online one-on-one sessions, free classes, and more.


Upcoming Events:

Awaken Your Energy, Online Retreat January 16 &17, 2021

In this two-day retreat, we will work with our chakras (energy centers) to better understand and focus our energy on gaining health, inner power, vitality, and strength.

You will learn to recognize imbalances that depleting your energy.  And get the tools to bring yourself back into balance, increase your motivation to follow your heart’s desire, and live more fully.

For more details, click here.

Become A Fully Energetic Human Being, 3- months program

Join Kobi, Pazit, and the VT community for a journey of profound insights, dive deep into the realm of pure energy and vitality. Learn how to harness your energy and start living a life that excites you.
In the program, we will systematically work with our chakras (energy centers) to better understand and utilize our energy both for healing and for reaching higher consciousness.
The program starts on January 31, 2021
To see the full curriculum and sign up, click here.

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