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Welcome to our Awakening Meditation Course

Meditation is celebrated today for its well-researched ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and performance, and increase self-compassion and well-being, but often the modern versions of “yoga” and “mindfulness” you come across are stripped of the true transformational substance of meditation and are inadequate means to those positive outcomes.

These superficial versions bring about short-lived and shallow results relative to what meditation can offer. 

This skill, which anybody can learn, can dramatically alter the way you experience your life moment-to-moment. To put it simply, its deepest potential is awakening to true inner freedom. This course does not promise complete inner freedom for all who take it, but it does promise an in-depth foundation of theory combined with practical exercises as a spring-board to change your life. The teachers draw deeply upon the best from ancient spiritual traditions, particularly schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Ashtanga Yoga, to offer useful ways into the practice for those from all experience levels. You will have a toolkit to live life more fully with energy, focus, clarity, calm, compassion, balance, presence and inner peace

This course provides an in-depth foundation of theory combined with useful practices to enhance your inner journey.

 It gives you the knowledge for building your meditation practice and opening your perception to the meditation experience.

Whats Included?

Your Instructor

Kobi Tov has spent the better part of two decades studying and practicing spiritual traditions under world-renowned teachers around the globe, including extensive experience in the yogic traditions, Buddhist meditative traditions of Tibet, and ancient philosophies like Kabbalah, Taoism and non-dualism. 

In this course, Kobi has taken the best of meditative instruction from each of these traditions to best guide students through the doors of awakening.

He has taught throughout Europe and Asia, most frequently at their retreat center in Cambodia where they have hosted thousands of students from across the world.


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This module will provide you with a foundational understanding of how we meditate. How we properly sit, deal with thoughts, and shift from the thinking mind to a gentle awareness. It will also provide useful context for why meditation is so necessary for the evolved mind, how to stay motivated on the path to awakening, and how the practice connects us to who we really are

The particular aim of module two is to foster a state of relaxation. We dive into entry protocols, which are techniques that help us arrive deeply in our meditation practice. You can do an entry protocol as its own practice or before one of the meditation practices. This module will provide more insight into our meditative philosophy, introduce alternative techniques for meditating, and explain more about practices like yoga Nidra and breathing to bring energy and relaxation.

In Module 3, we turn our attention towards cultivating a kind focus in meditation. Kind is a keyword here because this quality of focus is critical to our advancement on the path. This is the reason this module starts with heart practices and loving awareness as gateways for the focus practices that come afterward. In many ways, the heart is the heart of this course (and the Buddhist path). In addition, we will layout alternative frames and techniques for approaching focus, stillness and concentration. As we are progressing deeper into the course, there will be advice on how to integrate the practices off of the cushion as well as an exploration into concepts such as awareness of awareness and what waking up actually means.

Module 4 guides us into another layer of meditation using our cultivated relaxation, Kind focus and understanding from prior modules. Here, we tap into the energy that we feel when we touch into the body’s sensations and the breath’s subtleties. We are harnessing the power of awareness and accessing our true essence. We also touch on Vipassana meditation and we foray into who we are, Karma, and how we progress with these teachings in our lives.


Meditation Course

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Each practice in the course is uniquely teaching us something. Each one offers a new opening to a larger space, to a broader sense of being. Take your time experimenting with different practices.

The articles draw on innumerable spiritual traditions to provide essential background on theory and technique related to yoga and meditation. Additionally, they speak to how and why all these practices are so enormously valuable. 

This course will give you the tools to live a more aware life and close connection with yourself and others, the ability to face life challenges and get deeply connected to your inner truth. Building this foundation will allow you to continue to more advanced practices.

This course is self-paced and there is no need to rush through. Enjoy the journey, because as is the same for life, the journey is the destination.

The Benefits


Master your mind and gain access to the tools you need to expand your spiritual journey