OM: The Vibration Of The Universe ॐ

In Hindu tradition, Aum or OM is considered to be the original primordial vibration from which all of creation began. It is equated with the universe beyond form and symbolizes the beginning and end of creation. All other mantras are derived from this one Master Mantra.

It is a mantra, a sound, and a symbol for all states of consciousness. It is known as the most sacred syllable, symbol, not just in Hinduism but in many other Eastern traditions— as it represents the all encompassing cosmic vibration of the Universe.

Chanting “Aum” connects us with the stream of infinite vibrations and sounds it is the essence of the entire range of the sound phenomena . It is capable of aligning all of the chakras and cleansing unbalanced energies and purifying the body. The Buddhist scriptures say that its power alone can bring enlightenment.

Aum is also the bija mantra for the highest chakras, the third eye and crown chakra. These energy centers are related to our relationships to the Divine. In that we are able to see past all of the illusions to see the Supreme Truth, and feel our connection to the rest of the Whole.

The Hindus believe Aum represents attributes of the major trinity of Hindu Gods.
“A” represents Brahma, the creator.
“U” represents Vishnu, the preserver.
“M” represents Shiva, the transformer.

Another esoteric understanding:
“A” represents the physical plane.
“U” represents the mental and astral planes.
“M” represents all that is beyond the reach of the intellect.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Aum represents different aspects of Buddha:
“A” represents the body of Buddha
“U” represents the speech of Buddha.
“M” represents the mind of Buddha.

The vibration also represents the four states of consciousness:
“A” represents the waking state.
“U” represents the the dream state.
“M” represent deep sleep state (unconscious state).
The closing sound of the syllable, followed by silence, is the symbol of the transcendental state.
The symbol itself signifies all of these states as well as Maya, the illusions that prevent us from realizing the highest state of being.

Within the symbol of AUM (ॐ) the top curve represents the unconscious state. This state of consciousness is related to deep sleep— where there is no desire for any gross or subtle objects and there are no dreams, as the subconsciousness is asleep.

The waking state is represented by the larger curve underneath, and this is the most common state of human consciousness. In the waking state, we are looking outwards and using our five senses to navigate through the World.

The dream state is represented by the middle curve, and is the in-between sleep and awake state. The consciousness is turned in, and experiencing itself internally through dreams while sleeping.

The crescent (or semi circle) at the top represent Maya or illusion. This is what gets in the way of our spiritual development, preventing us from reaching higher states of bliss.

The dot at the top of the Aum symbol is representative of the absolute state, the intention for all spiritual practice. In this form of consciousness, we are neither looking internally or externally, and in a state of union and bliss with the Divine.

How to chant Aum
A- drop your jaw and allow the sound to come out by itself like a sigh. This will help us to enter a higher frequency.
U (Oooh)- produce by creating circle with your lips and rise your inner palette (as if you have an egg in your mouth).
M- allow the lips to come very close to each other but not touching, create a tingling sensation with the sound (the lips are touching- not touching).

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