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Ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level?

Build a daily practice that is right for you 

Stay accountable and do the practice no matter what

Practice under the guidance of experts 


Spiritual practice for a connected life

8 Weeks Program

Now at a special Early Bird price 

€299 until June 5 (Instead of€397)


I want to practice, but…

I don’t have enough time

I didn’t wake up early enough/ I didn’t sleep well

 I don’t have energy. I feel tired

 I am not sure what to do/ what will be the best practice for me

I’m not sure I’m doing it right

I get bored

I don’t see results

My emotions take over, and I feel I can’t lift myself to do the practice

I want to do it, but I feel I can’t

I know it is good for me, but I still don’t do it

What’s the point? I will never manage to stick to it anyway

I just don’t feel like it at this moment

YES! Sustaining a personal daily practice is a big leap

That requires a lot of knowledge, determination, and willpower

​ You don’t need a self-study course, a youtube video, an occasional class, or membership… 


What you need:

  • Accomplish consistency in your daily connection to yourself
  • Clarity on the proper practice that will provide you with the fastest results and progress
  • Power to stick with the practice
  • Understand the practice, it’s benefits and be sure you do it right
  • Have the power and the energy to do the practice. Overcome laziness and distractions
  • Be held accountable for your commitment to yourself and the practice
  • Go beyond the phase of boredom and get progress and joy in your practice
  • Focus on what’s really important to you. Put yourself at the top of your priority.
  • Step-by-step guidance through challenges and ongoing personal support to inspire and motivate you.
Kobi and Pazit

We’re here to help. 

We’re Kobi and Pazit … 

 and this is The Spiritually Fierce Program For Connect Life

A unique program you will not find anywhere else, 

The aim of the program is to build consistency in your practice, so you connect to yourself daily. 

At  20 minutes a day

From your home.

Get individual guidance, accountability, and personal attention from us.

With LOTS of hand-holding and support. 

Make the spiritual practice your GURU, 

Daily practice is a game-changer 

It will make you energized, focused, strong, stable, and powerful.

Turn You Into The Person

You Always Wanted To Be

There are no words that do justice to the experience that Vagabond Temple provides. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years. I am also a follower of Eastern philosophies. Vagabond Temple combines it all. Kobi and Pazit, the people behind Vagabond Temple, are two of the most wonderful and genuine people I have ever met. Both of them have such a vast knowledge of yoga, meditation, Eastern and Western philosophy, Reiki, sound healing, nutrition, and the list goes on. Even more important, they walk the talk. They are passionate about everything they do. Their mission is to help people and that is what they do best. Pazit and Kobi don’t discriminate, they don’t judge, and they treat every single person as an individual with differing needs.

Ariel R | United States

Why Spiritually Fierce?

  • Step-by-step guidance – through video practices to ensure you know what to do and how to do it. 
  • Holistic Approach – We created a unique method that integrated everything you need for a successful spiritual practice. Based on the 5 pillars: Mind, Energy, Heart, Wisdom, and Purpose. 
  • Personal mentors – our eyes on your practice and lots of access to us as your mentors through ongoing check-ins. 
  • High Energy Support – We will be there to motivate you, inspire you, answer questions, make sure you are doing the practice, give direction into insights, and, yes even make personalized videos for you when needed.
  • Supportive Community– share your journey with like-minded people through our WhatsApp group.

Kobi & Pazit enabled me, for the first time in my life to feel unjudged, to be free, to be silly, to dance like nobody is watching, to sing like nobody can hear. I became who I always was but have never acknowledged before. Its challenging don’t get me wrong, but then again, nothing worthwhile is easy is it? There were times I cried so much I thought I would end up like a dried prune. I also laughed so hard my tummy muscles hurt! I connected so deeply with many people there. People who will now be friends for life. I’ve seen into their souls & they’ve seen into mine and embraced me. Phenomenal. Each yoga lesson, meditation, movement class, morning circle and Dharma talk was so very precious. Thank you Vagabond Temple, for everything

Suzzane J | United Kingdom


We’re not going to sell you a course and then leave you to figure it out – because when it comes to your self-practice, you NEED a mentor… not just a self-study program.  

But Not Everyone Can join!

Since we  put all our efforts and give 100% of our energy to your success, we have a few entry requirements: 

Your Commitment To Two Months Of Practice Minimum 4 Times a Week, 20 Minutes Each! We will be there to support and motivate you, but we need your cooperation.

Your Commitment To Communicate with Us and Report Your Practice and Progress.

You have WhatsApp

Are You Ready To Commit To Yourself?

Join Now and Enjoy Now Early Bird price 

€299 until June 5 

(Instead of €397)

How will you feel when you practice regularly?

You will have the energy to do things that you want and not just crush in front of the T.V
Get control over your reactions, stop being triggered by life’s challenges
See clearly your options and make better decisions
Create healthy relationships and make meaningful connections
Have courage and self-confidence to live life fully
Establish healthy habits and let go of unhealthy patterns that bring you down
Become The Person You Always Wanted To Be!

This Program is For You If:

Spiritually Fierce 

8 Weeks Program

Step-by-step guidance - through practice videos to make sure you know what to do and how to do it.

Holistic Approach - Based on the 5 pillars of the VT Method: Mind, Energy, Heart, Wisdom, and Purpose.

Personal mentors - our eyes on your practice, and lots of access to us as your mentors through ongoing check-ins through private WhatsApp messages..

WA Group- Connect with like-minded people and get daily motivational videos, education, and inspirations to keep you focused and supported.

Now at a special Early Bird price 

€299 until June 5 (Instead of €397)