What is Dhyana?

Dhyana is the seventh limb of Patanjali’s Eight Limbed Path, and is the practice of Meditation or Contemplation. According to the Yoga Sutras, Meditation is the uninterrupted flow of concentration. In other words, meditation is the outcome of training the mind through concentration and mindfulness within the present moment.

Just as we train the body through movement and Asana practice, we train the mind through concentration and mindfulness techniques. Through this training, we are able to come into an effortless flow of concentration and presence within the moment— which allows for the thoughts to soften and us to come into a higher state of awareness.

With this higher state of awareness we access the conscious awareness that is our true nature, and the higher knowledge within becomes clear.

There are many different types of meditation techniques from various traditions on the spiritual and mindfulness paths. There is no right ‘way’ to meditate, and no particular technique that is known as meditation. Meditation is often thought to be a complete stillness within the mind, and though this can become true, it isn’t always. Meditation is simply the act of being present with what is, and experiencing the effortless flow of that presence.

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