Let Your Feminine Potential Shine

Work with your unique talents and become a strong – powerful women 

October 6 thru November 24, 2021

This group is all about growth, having fun together as we create transformation in our lives.

The Empowered Women Group is an opportunity to open up to a new vision of your life.

It is a two-month commitment to your higher self that allows you to reap immense value from a well-structured program and have long-lasting benefits. The group is a safe haven of support, with like-minded women providing togetherness and a unique environment to share your personal journey.

The program consists of module lessons, facilitated deep dives and discussions, worksheets, accountability, and includes one-on-one coaching.  


In our  two hours weekly meetings, I will teach principles for transformation and tools for everyday life. I will coach you to find personal resourcefulness and guide you to your vision, I will be there to answer questions and support you on your individual development. You will receive practices, questions for reflection and enlightening handouts to deepen your experience and insights. 

Every week, there will be interaction with the group – either in breakout groups or through our private WhatsApp group.

To keep it personal and valuable to all members of the group, space is limited.

Claim your Divine Self and Personal Power!

There’s nothing like a group of supportive women to activate your own growth. We are going through similar challenges, desiring to expand our potential and magnifying our personal power. We will be in a sort of incubator together, where it’s safe, nurturing, and transformative allowing us to embody sacred feminine energy. 

If you are curious, open-minded, willing to expand your comfort zone, and take actions towards your goals, this program is for you!

  • Become a powerful-strong woman 
  • Embrace your independence
  • Place healthy boundaries 
  • Move toward your goals without compromising your future 
  • Believe in yourself
  • Claim your courage 
  • Embody both feminine powers of assertiveness and softness
  • Express your opinion freely
  • Do what is right for you without allowing other opinions to stop your inner voice. 
  • Live your purpose, not living for other people. 

This is not like other classes - Be part of something personalized to you!


Gain clarity on where you are in your life journey and what you want, so you can focus and not get distracted by life events. Define a clear and measurable goal within the program theme and outline action steps to achieve it by program end.

Healthy Relationships

Change your relationship with yourself, your body, and with others. Learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings better. Overcome fears and overwhelming emotions.

Personal Commitment

Commit to yourself and get motivated to walk the path you need to follow before 2022 begins. Learn to take care of yourself and prioritize yourself in a healthy way.

Life-Long Tools and Techniques

Learn tools and exercises related to the program themes that you can use again and again in your own life. Discover life-changing daily habits to empower your ultimate self.


Have a safe space to both receive and share wisdom from like-minded women working on similar goals. Gain insight, feedback, and accountability from a supportive group of women and from me.

Subjects include:

** Subjects may be changed according to group needs.

About Me

I consider myself a strong, powerful woman, one who is not afraid to speak her mind or follow her dreams. But I wasn’t always like that. In my youth, I was very insecure. I tried desperately to fit in, and as a result, I wasn’t who I truly am, I felt disempowered.
In my twenties, I quickly learned that if I do not tap into my power, I will never have the life I want, the life I deserve to live. I realized that no one will “save” me or create my desired life for me. As a woman, I needed to find resourcefulness, determination, and wisdom to play out my potential, get out of the victim mentality and achieve my goals. So I took responsibility for my life and claimed my talents and strength.
In this eight weeks course, I will help you find your inner power and use my experience as a fulfilled and successful woman to guide you to connect with your creative feminine force.

Begin the journey to claim 2022 as Your Year!

What’s included:


Course details:

Zoom Meetings on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM Cambodia time. 

October 6 thru November 24, 2021

Your investment: €397.
*Payment plans are available, contact me for details.

Group is limited to 10 women, Only few spots left!