Yoga 101: Beginners Guide To The Practice

‘Yoga’ has become a buzzword that can be related to many different things for many different people. Contrary to popular belief— yoga is not just a physical exercise and you do not have to be super bendy or strong to be able to practice yoga.

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India, dating back thousands of years ago. The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yog’ which is translated into yok, or unity. Describing the practice in a few words is pretty difficult, considering how vast the ancient phenomenon really is. However, at its core, yoga is a guideline for living life as your best self. Or in a more esoteric definition— a guideline for unifying with our highest Self and the Supreme Truth.

In its essence, yoga is a practice of self realization. Meaning, the practice liberates us from the limiting beliefs we have of ourselves and provides us with an avenue for higher knowledge.

These guidelines are set up to be a path to ‘enlightenment’ — but all that really means is a path to the best version of ourselves. There truly is no destination, and more-so an opportunity to explore and become more self aware of who we are outside of our ego-identify in the process.

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