4 WEEEKS, 200HR. Yoga Teacher Training
November 3-29,2024

Become a certified yoga teacher while immersing yourself in a traditional Indian ashram living.

Our teacher training will give you a clear understanding of the essence of yoga, the practice, and yourself, allowing you to deepen your personal practice and confidently share your knowledge with others.

Join us for professional, authentic, non-commercial, and affordable yoga teacher training
in the birthplace of yoga – India.

Our unique program extends beyond conventional yoga teacher training. Rooted in ancient wisdom yet tailored for modern living, our systematic curriculum covers all facets of a spiritual lifestyle. 

We focus not only on physical postures but also on yogic meditations, spiritual self-development, and professional growth. You will experience an in-depth exploration of energy management, mental evolution, physical well-being, emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness, and existential purpose. Enhancing your personal practice and allowing you to share your knowledge with confidence.

In the course, we ensure personal attention, fostering a safe environment to explore, experience, learn, practice, share, and be your authentic self.

Our training suits both those aspiring to teach yoga professionally and individuals wishing to deepen their yogic knowledge and seek personal development.

Upon completing our 4-week yoga training, you’ll be eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) and continue your journey with Vagabond Temple’s level 2 courses.

Join Vagabond Temple’s community of dedicated yogis, embark on a journey of profound self-discovery, and elevate your practice with our comprehensive teacher training program. 

Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

Experience Spiritual Living

Being in a traditional Indian ashram, nestled in the heart of nature, is the ideal place to retreat from the demands of daily life while focusing on your spiritual progress and enhancing your well-being. It’s more than just a break from life’s busyness; it’s a rejuvenating pause for your soul. To read more about the ashram and the location click here.

Course Curriculum:

Our comprehensive curriculum blends theory and practice to provide systematic teaching for self-development.

Drawing from diverse wisdom traditions such as Patanjali’s Traditional Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, and global spiritual philosophies, our teachings offer a cross-cultural and universal approach.
Combined with Vagabond Temple’s unique method of yogic mindful living, our course not only enhances your personal yoga journey but also equips you with the skills to guide others towards transformative experiences in yoga.

  • Yoga Styles and Practice: Our primary asana (yoga poses practice) style is Hatha Yoga with strong alignment based. We also teach Kundalini yoga and Yin Yoga.
  • Practices: Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandhas, Kriyas/Cleansing Processes, Chanting & Mantra, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Karma Yoga (Yoga of selfless actions).
  • Special ceremonies, including Vagabond Temple’s unique heart opening ceremonies and Ashram’s daily fire ceremony (Havan).
  • Lectures on Yoga and Spiritual Philosophy: Provide profound insights into the essence of yoga, guiding you towards a holistic and mindful way of living.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Explore both Western anatomy of the body’s systems and Eastern energetic anatomy, including  5 Koshas (5 bodies), Nadis (energy channels) and Chakras (energy centers).
  • Yoga as therapy: Understand how yoga can be applied as a therapeutic tool for emotional management and mental care.
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology: Develop effective teaching skills to confidently become a teacher and guide students on their yoga journey, including holding space, using the voice, building a sequence, alignment, modifications, cues, and adjustments, and more.
  •  Practical Teaching and Assignments: Practice teaching as a lead teacher and engage with Theory assignments to deepen your knowledge. 

For the full curriculum, click here.


  Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering not only physical postures but also meditation, spiritual self-development, and holistic living, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded education in yoga.

Professional Growth: In addition to personal practice, our training equips you with the skills to confidently guide others on their yoga journeys, making it suitable for aspiring yoga teachers and those seeking personal development.

Personalized Support: We provide individualized attention to each student during and after the course, ensuring your journey is guided with care and dedication.

Authentic Ashram Experience: We offer an authentic ashram experience in the heart of India, providing a safe  environment and unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the  traditional yogic practices and living.

Community: Join a supportive international community, connect with  dedicated yogis and delve deep into Yogic Mindful Living. 

Kobi and Pazit 1

What Our Students Have to Say:


Hey, We are Kobi and Pazit.

Since a young age, we have been working with at-risk youth and people suffering from mental illness.

After experiencing the pain that life holds, we left our jobs, our families, and our home to traverse the globe in search of the wisdom of the great spiritual teachers and traditions.

We took all the knowledge and experience we gained and created a method for a healthy, happy way of living, relying on ancient wisdom but at the same time suitable to modern life.

We founded Vagabond Temple in 2011 as a safe and welcoming community for people to be themselves, experience a journey  inward, and grow.

Kobi and pazit spiritual Teacher - Vagabond Temple

For more than ten years, we have inspired thousands of people to make changes in their lives, fulfill their highest potential and develop meaningful lifestyles.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our journey together!

Love and Light,

Kobi and Pazit


Course Details: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Duration: 4 weeks (27 days, with 3 days off during the course)
  • Recognized by: Yoga Alliance

Course Dates:

  • November 3-29, 2024


  • Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashram, Nasik, India

Pricing Options:

  • Very Early Bird Price (Until April 15): €1400
  • Early Bird Price (Until September 1): €1550
  • Full Price: €1650

What’s Included:

  • 27-day intensive teacher training program
  • Detailed course manuals
  • 3 wholesome vegetarian meals daily
  • Unlimited water and tea
  • Accommodation: Same-gender shared dorms with 2-4 beds and attached bathrooms. Each student has an independent section in the room.
  • Personal guidance and support throughout the course and beyond
  • Participation in rituals and special ceremonies
  • Opportunity to connect with an international spiritual community
  • Experience traditional ashram living
  • Certification from Vagabond Temple and Yoga Alliance

For more information about the ashram, accommodations, and food, please click here

Successful completion of this 200-hour training allows you to continue your journey with Vagabond Temple’s advanced Level 2 trainings.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


What Our Students Have to Say:


Our Yoga Teacher Training provides you with a comprehensive curriculum and personal guidance.
Immerse yourself in an authentic ashram experience, and connect with a supportive international community for a holistic yoga journey and professional growth!