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Vagabond Temple Yoga, Meditation & Healing Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand is a great place just to be you.              To grow, learn, heal, and meet other spiritual seekers from all around the world. Our goal is to provide holistic guidance and tools to each person, allowing our students to truly manifest change and live an aware and fulfilled life.

Human beings often can’t find a safe haven to connect to the light and immerse themselves in infinity. Traditionally, there has been a craving for a physical space, a temple, to fulfill these expectations. But in actuality, divinity is present in every corner of the universe. And most of all, it is there to be found in ourselves wherever we may be in the world.

The spirit of this message is how the Vagabond Temple was named. 

A place where people could find divinity inside.

Above all, we strive for authenticity. By combining the great spiritual teachings from various traditions, we created our own method to help individuals find their freedom through cultivation of…

Mind, Heart, Energy, Wisdom, and Purpose.


With his natural ability to hold space for others, Kobi is considered a loving teacher by many, but he sees himself as a devoted lifelong student. He leaves no stone unturned on the spiritual path, learning from countless philosophies, religions and spiritual practices with extensive training in Yogic, Buddhist, Kabbalistic and Taoist traditions.


Travelling throughout the world, Kobi has studied under renowned teachers such as Mantak Chia (Taoist master), Tias Little (Prajna Yoga), Prashnat Iyengar (Iyengar yoga), Richard Freeman (Ashtanga Yoga) and more. He has studied a wide range of therapeutic methods, including family constellations, evolutionary astrology, bodywork, hypnotherapy and more.  He has dedicated his life not only to the exploration of truth but also to bring this wide – ranging wisdom to life through helping people on their path to self- realization. He believes in fully embodying what he teaches, and through his embodiment, he guides his students even more-so as a reflection of their own power and true nature. His teaching style is an experiential approach to re-directing our awareness of our essence; that lies in our body, spirit, and heart, where the real teacher is alive. As a teacher, he intends to remind each person of their own Divinity and provide a space where they can fully flourish into that throughout their spiritual progress.


Pazit is known by many as a charismatic, powerful woman, yet she sees herself as a devoted spiritual practitioner. She focuses on experience and practical knowledge of numerous healing modalities, meditation, kundalini practices and energy explorations. She has extensive training in Yogic, Buddhist, healing and spiritual traditions.

Travelling throughout the world, Pazit has studied under renowned teachers such as Mantak Chia (Taoist master),  Jonathan Goldman(Sound healing), Tony Nec (Sound Healing) Silvia Nakkach(yoga of the voice) , Torsten Lange (Reiki), Frans Stein (Reiki), William Lee Rand (Karuna Reiki), Tenzin Palmo (Buddhism) and more.

She has studied a wide range of therapeutic methods, including life coaching, the journey work, hypnotherapy, bodywork, sound and energy healing.  She has dedicated her life to exploring truth and for helping people on their path to self- realization and healing.

Through her devotion and a strong sense of compassion, she leads her students to find their power and fulfill their true potential. To discover their own unique voice and express it.

Her teaching style is holistic and focuses on empowerment and self-development. She is  Allowing transformation to happen and deep connection between our body, spirit, and heart. As a teacher, she invokes each person to manifest their own abilities and to fully flourish throughout their spiritual progress.

Empower Yourself
With Our Private Sessions

Work privately with either Kobi or Pazit, get support and professional guidance
to transform your life and live to your full potential



At Vagabond Temple, yoga, meditation and healing Retreat in Kep Cambodia, we believe that to create a higher perspective and live to our full potential; we need to take care of the five main aspects of our being:


Have a focused, clear, and positive mind. Our mind is our most potent tool; when it is clear, positive, relaxed, and focused, we can direct the mind, make it our best friend and create magic in our lives. We develop wisdom and we can see the bigger picture as well as the small details.  It encourages us to let go of all distractions and connect to our authentic self and truth.


Increase energy levels, build your inner resilience to create uplifting experiences in your life. High energy levels build strength in the body and higher perception in the mind. When we clean our body from any toxins (whether physical or mental-emotional), we find a new power source. We gain the capability to take action, to face life challenges and find beneficial solutions, and go for what we want in life. It is the foundation for healthy living and wellbeing.


Have an attitude of compassion and unconditional love. An open heart gives us the inspiration to design a balanced life and live in harmony with ourselves and others. When we embrace qualities of love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, we open ourselves to the endless possibilities of life. In this way, we can experience a wide range of human emotions, yet keeping our inner center and trust in ourselves and the world around us.


Explore the ancient wisdom of varied philosophies that explain in detail the nature of the true self and the reality as it is,  understanding the reasoning and the theories that function as foundation to the spiritual practice. By knowing through our intellect, motivation increases to embody the truth of who we are and finding the path to all other practices. 


Develop a spiritual life that is aligned with your passions and values. Comprehend who you really are and what is your life vision.  Discover the highest value you can bring to the world, the essence of your being, and how to carry it into your everyday simple life’s activities. Create a life worth living, a life you are excited to live.

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