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Experience Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Cambodia

Come and enjoy our meditation and yoga retreat program at Kep, Cambodia, for a rejuvenating and transformative experience. 

Our daily schedule incorporates a wide array of yoga and meditation styles and teachings from multiple eastern and western disciplines. You will be provided an understanding of not only how to do these spiritual practices, but why we do them and how these teachings can change the way we look at and live our lives.

Immersing yourself in our spiritual community is a great way to heal, grow, and meet like-minded students and experienced teachers who can support you on your journey. You will develop lifelong friendships as you connect with yourself and others. Countless meaningful relationships have blossomed from the Vagabond Temple.

Expand your spiritual journey

Vagabond Temple Yoga and Meditation Center in Kep, Cambodia is open to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to kickstart your spiritual journey or an experienced yogi looking to take your practice deeper, our retreat can suit your needs.

Your experience at our Yoga and Meditation Retreat will include the full daily schedule and healthy vegan meals. Regain your balance and inner harmony with our wide selection of Holistic Healing sessions, which can be integrated into your program. This includes personal life coaching, various forms of massage, ayurvedic therapies, sound healing, and energy healing. 

Meet Us Online

We offer  private online sessions, and variety of donation based online courses, and membership area with a video library for your daily home practice.

Personal growth is here for you. We would be delighted to join you in your discovery path.

Love and light,

Pazit & Kobi

 Vagabond Temple’s Founders

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Kobi and pazit spiritual Teacher - Vagabond Temple

Meet Kobi
& Pazit

Our journey began as a young couple who simply wanted to make a difference in the world. At the time we were working with at-risk youth and people suffering from mental illness, and we felt again and again the weight of human suffering and knew there was so much we had to learn to help people in the best way we could. So we left our jobs, our families, and our homes to traverse the globe in search of the wisdom of the great spiritual teachers and traditions.

We founded Vagabond Temple after several years of travelling internationally and teaching spirituality together.

Our intention is to provide a welcoming space for people to be themselves, experience a journey inward and grow, to inspire people to make change in their life, fulfil their highest potential and develop meaningful, happy and mindful lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to live to our full potential we need to take care of all the aspects of our being. Our teaching is focus on giving you different tools in 5 main areas of life:


Have a focused, clear positive mind. Make your mind your best friend


Develop an attitude of compassion and unconditional love


Build your inner resilience to create uplifting experiences in your life


Explore the ancient wisdom of varied philosophies that explain the nature of the true self and reality as it is


Create a spiritual life in alignment with your passions and values

Unleash your potential and connect with your inner power!


Experience one of our personal sessions and have a profound change in understanding, perception, and actions at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. 

We offer spiritual life coaching, vision writing program, family constellation, and astrology reading. 

Spiritual coaching Instructor


Expand your spiritual journey

Vagabond Temple Yoga, Meditation and Healing Center is open to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to kickstart your spiritual journey or an experienced yogi looking to take your practice deeper, our classes can suit your needs.

Love and Light,
Pazit & Kobi

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