Embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and transformation. Become the best version of Yourself

Personal Program

In today’s world, there are so many forces that can take us away from committing to personal growth and development – and really seeing a change in our lives. 

Our personalized online coaching program encourages you to have a profound change in your understanding & perception of life, as well as your behavioral patterns &  actions. Your unique program will allow you to transform at the mental, emotional, and physical levels to guide you throughout your path.

 The program is tailor-made and adjusted to meet your own specific needs. Your circumstances and location on your growth path are considered when developing the specific area of the program. 

Our approach is holistic and based on a wide variety of western and eastern traditions. We are fully committed to you on this journey – we want to show you the power of compassion, motivation & encouragement in a truly supportive container. 



Work with either Kobi or Pazit to get committed support and professional guidance to achieve your goals.

Through a compassionate and empowering lens, our coaching styles bring different elements, providing students a gateway to the center of the heart of life.

Check out our different coaching styles to see what resonates with you and allow yourself to grow in a compassionate, supportive environment with us!

We help you design the life you want.

Our spiritual coaching program offers an opportunity to dive deeply into discovering who you truly are through somatic experiencing, yogic philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism, Family Constellation therapy, energy healing and more.

Together we will create a field of consciousness in which answers to your most burning questions can arise. You will learn to tap into your true self and true intuition to follow your life’s path wholeheartedly. You are not alone on this journey to deeper self-awareness, spiritual growth, and transformation!

Our approach is holistic in nature and based on the following principles:


Developing focus and clarity of the mind, getting familiar with limiting beliefs and reinforcing a new and uplifting way of thinking, making your mind your best friend.


Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. Expanding your capacity to bring this attitude to any life circumstance


Understanding the physical body with all its subtle layers. Learning ways to lift your energy levels and create inner strength and resilience to face life challenges


Explore the ancient wisdom of varied philosophies that explain in detail the nature of the true self and reality as it is. Get understanding of the practices we do and motivation to them


Develop a spiritual life in alignment with your passions and values. Living our lives from a place of awareness and sense of purpose.

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