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This meditation course has been decades in the making, the fruit of our tireless journey for a spiritual awakening across the world. Our hope is that through this course, we will be able to inspire others and share how to harness the power of meditation to bring peace, balance and self-understanding into the lives of others. In this way, we can change the world, together.

We are honored to offer this wisdom as every teaching laid out in this course has been passed down from brilliant, authentic and awe-inspiring teachers: Meditation teachers Reggie Ray, Tenzin Paloma, Alan Wallace, Advaita teachers Gangaji and Stephen Wolinsky, Yoga teachers Richard Freeman, Tias Little, Prashant Iyengar, and Sharat Arora, Chi Gong Master Mantak Chia, Jewish leaders Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Kook, Kabbalah teachers Michael Berg and David Cooper, Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss, our mentor Mark Jones as well as countless others. We provide a systematic integration of their teachings for the purposes of this course, but we always encourage you to ask questions and dive deeper into the different wisdom of these teachers.

Shamatha is a form of mindfulness meditation that develops concentration and calms the mind. It is often translated as “peaceful abiding” or “tranquility” meditation. This course offers a variety of Shamatha practices, as well as other complementary and preparatory practices that work with heart, mind and body to bring about these deeply peaceful states into not only our meditation but our lives. The meditative absorption and consciousness (Samadhi) that comes from these practices serve as the sturdy roots from which our highest form of fully blooming.

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