Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram, nestled in the mountainous embrace of nature, provides a peaceful setting for yoga and meditation. It offers an ideal sanctuary away from the hustle and stress of modern city life, fostering an environment that encourages spiritual development, simplicity, and community.

The ashram’s proximity to the revered Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, one of India’s 12 most important and auspicious Shiva Temples, adds to its significance. The surrounding mountains are considered a paradise for yogis, providing special energy for yoga and meditation practices.

Nasik City, the closest urban center, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks, including exquisite temples, forts, waterfalls, and vibrant marketplaces, making it a delightful destination for exploration on your day off.


The ashram offers dormitory-style lodging with 2-4 bed configurations (separate dorms for men and women), each room equipped with an attached bathroom featuring hot water. Students enjoy personal sections in shared rooms, complete with curtains and individual wardrobes equipped with lockers. Bedding, including blankets, sheets, pillows, and mosquito nets, is provided to ensure comfort during your stay.

Nutritious Meals:

The ashram’s kitchen serves three wholesome vegetarian meals. Meals are non-spicy, low in oil, and in accordance with yogic principles. 

The menu includes seasonal, local fruits and vegetables, lentils, various beans, whole grains, oats, rice, and more. Most of the food is sourced organically and minimally processed to maintain nutritional integrity and balance. Special dietary needs or allergies are accommodated to the best of our ability.

 Ayurvedic herbal teas are offered to strengthen various bodily systems as well as purified drinking water.

Additional Facilities:

  • A swimming pool is open for use (please bring your own towel).
  • The ashram houses an Ayurveda treatment center offering various massages, Shirodhara, detox treatments, and more at an extra cost.
  • Explore nature through scenic walking pathways or admire the breathtaking sunset and sunrise from the ashram hill.
  • Internet access is available in common areas.
  • Laundry facilities are available at a small fee.
  • The library offers a valuable resource with an extensive collection of books on yoga, meditation, Tantra, Vedas, Upanishads, Indian philosophies, Ayurveda, naturopathy, and more.



In November, expect temperatures ranging from 18 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius (65 – 95 Fahrenheit), with warm days and cooler mornings/evenings.

How to Reach The Ashram:

Nasik City is approximately 170 KM from Mumbai, accessible via a 4-5 hours drive. Regular train, bus, and taxi services are available to reach Nasik. We can arrange airport pickup services directly to our ashram.

Visa to India:

Foreign nationals are required to apply for an online visa before traveling to India. Visa rules may vary by country, including the type of visa issued and its duration. Please refer to specific visa requirements for your country of origin.

Ashram Roles:

As you embark on this transformative journey in the Yoga Ashram, please be mindful of the following rules to enhance your experience:

  • Dress code: Please wear T-shirts/shirts covering your shoulders and long pants below the knees. Bathing suits are allowed around the swimming pool area.
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited on the ashram premises.
  • Timetable adherence: Attend all scheduled sessions, lectures, and activities.
  • Silence during meals.
  • Silent hours from 10 pm to after morning practice (8 am).
  • Seva Yoga/Karma Yoga is practiced for one hour daily.

Respect ashram rules for the benefit of the entire community.